Why Three Minutes to Neptune?

In the very first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, Captain Jonathan Archer says the new warp five ship can go from Earth to Neptune and back in six minutes.

That line just stuck with me, but what if you didn’t come back? What if you just kept going to see what is beyond Neptune?

That’s what this journey, this writing experiment, is all about. It’s about seeing what is beyond the normal, beyond the boundaries of my little solar system and trying something different.

Three Minutes to Neptune was born.

We all have dreams. For a lot of us we’ve been told by others, or by ourselves, that we can’t achieve those goals, they aren’t practical. Just be like everyone else and do what you’re told.

Forget that.

Join me on this journey. After we’ve hit Neptune let’s keep going and see what we can accomplish together. I can’t promise success by the world’s standards, but I can promise we’ll a lot of fun and we’ll stretch beyond what we thought we could do.

So, what do you say? What’s your Three Minutes to Neptune dream?

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